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About the Artist

Anna Tagantseva-Kobzeva is an artist and a co-founder of the APXIV self-organized initiative. In her artistic practice, Anna uses linguistic shapes which resemble hieroglyphic and runic writing, taking 2D painting surface as a starting point and expanding it across several media. She is interested in the occult and the esoteric and their dialogue with contemporary science and philosophy, especially in the fusion of the archaic and the technogenic environments. In her work Anna is researching the influence of the information, emotion, and commodity production overload on the human agent, their habitat, and the wider living spaces of things and phenomena. Anna studied at the St. Petersburg State University and graduated from the Institute of Contemporary Art (Moscow). She had a solo show in partnership with the Austrian Cultural Forum Moscow and took part in multiple group exhibitions at Copenhagen Art Week and Budapest Art Week. Anna is a winner of the Digital Dreams contest (supported by the CCA agency of the Qatar Embassy in Russia). She took part in the parallel programme of the 6th and 7th Moscow International Biennale of Young Art and the Pandemia exhibition at the The New Art Fest 2020 (Lisbon).

Anna Tagantseva-KobzevaAnna  Tagantseva-Kobzeva
Curatorial Statement

In her new series of digital paintings created specifically for NFT, mystical symbols are transformed into abstract forms, leaving traces akin to scratches on a screen. The multilayered imagery created by Tagantzeva-Kobzeva, which resembles more and more tabs being opened in a browser, removes the possibility of linear reading. In this series the artist turns to the blue glow of screens that brings out the outlines of ancient archaic ornaments. She explores how, given the accelerating digitalisation of society, the very logic of writing is changing, and turns to the study of ancient languages such as runic, cuneiform, and Nabatean; trying to reveal the processes which made us perceive once intuitively formed languages as abstraction.

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