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About the Artist

Krista Kim is a contemporary artist and a founder of the Techism movement. Having an interest in both digital and physical realms she developed her signature technique that involves a wide range of media including digital software, light, video, glass and plexi. Kim focuses on the concept of digital consciousness and the effects produced by digital technology on human perception, media, social structures, and communication. Krista is a contributing Metaverse Editor for Vogue Singapore. She is a cultural leader at the World Economic Forum (2023) and a member of the Meridian Institute for Cultural Diplomacy. Kim is a keynote speaker of major metaverse conferences all over the globe. Kim’s works are featured in the permanent collections of Louis Vuitton Foundation in Paris (2023), LACMA museum in Los Angeles (2022). Her works were shown at major art events such as Triennale di Milano (2022), Times Square Arts (2022), Venice Architecture biennale (2021), Paris biennale (2018) and art fairs. Kim’s exhibition list includes significant museums and galleries in Europe, US, Canada, China and Singapore. Among her artistic collaborations with brands are projects for Louis Vuitton, Lamborghini, Mercedes Benz AMG and Lanvin. Kim’s artworks were featured on the cover of Bazaar Art, Vogue Hong Kong, and featured in AD, Artnet, NYT, Dezeeen, Vogue (UK, Singapore), FT, The Times, Forbes, New York magazine, The Art Newspaper and many others. Kim holds a master's degree in fine arts at the LASALLE College of the Arts in Singapore (2014) and a bachelor's degree in political science from the University of Toronto (2001). Kim has been featured in UNESCO's list of “50 Minds for The Next 50” and recognized as “the new digital Rothko” by Forbes. Her name appears in the ranks of top 30 Most Influential People of the Metaverse by Read and Write Magazine (2021), top 100 by Architectural Digest (2021), and top 50 “NFTy50” by Fortune Magazine (2022). Kim won the Excellence in Digital Art prize from the Createurs Design Awards (2024). Krista Kim is currently based in Los Angeles.

Krista KimKrista Kim
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