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Laura Brothers is a contemporary artist working in digital media, who is primarily known for the prolific net art project []( Her practice comprises a collection of the now-classic media of digital art — computer drawings and GIFs, some animating on scroll, others just existing on-screen, supplemented with a no less classic cryptic under-narrated atmosphere: a black background and a brief title. Created with basic computer tools, the works have a particular assembly algorithm — Brothers takes an idea and produces casual abstract iterations which become the source imagery. The intentionally crude source imagery is then fragmented, reinterpreted, and recombined into a more polished referential figure or series. The resulting digital collages possess a moiré effect and have embedded ideas of multiplicity and plurality, combining repeated motifs, tasks with multiple options, combinations, accumulations, and mutations of visual references — often established artistic styles and genres — which attain a more mundane, even child-like vantage point. Posted in sequence amongst the sea of black, the resulting works act as a glimpse into a single episodic occurrence of an ongoing narrative. Since 2007, Laura Brothers has exhibited on- and offline in numerous art institutions and galleries from New York to Los Angeles, Berlin, Italy, Mexico, London and France. In 2015, at the New Museum (NYC), she took part in *BRUSHES*, a panel discussion that focused on digital painting.

Laura BrothersLaura Brothers
Curatorial Statement is an online project, which was initiated as a LiveJournal blog in 2007 by the artist Laura Brothers with an intention of posting a single entry — a collection of found images from around the Internet. Despite the original purpose, the blog grew into a net art project tracking the evolution of Brother’s artistic practice. Black background, laconic texts, and simple vertical scrolling mechanism frame connected with a constant interplay with the flood of digital collages, which experiment with ideas of plurality, automatic drawing and re-worked Internet archaeology. Brothers makes use of the now outmoded digital tools MS Paint and Photoshop to create the understated animations. Although coming from a place of levity the animations impart a tinge of the eerie. Their pixelated quality and looping nature conjures meditations on time – evoking anticipations, intermissions, stasis, leisure, and play.

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