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10 July 2024

How to keep and expose digital art after purchase?

Our guide for culturally curious collectors who’d like to gain a clearer vision on how one can proceed after acquiring a digital art piece.


How to keep and expose digital art after purchase?

As tempting as digital art may be, many collectors, still, are hesitating to take the first step. We often get simultaneously excited and scared while encountering the unknown: lots of variables stay unclear, some technical terms seem obscure. It’s fully understandable to ask yourself: “How is this artwork going to look at my place, how do I even expose it?” Here are some tips in a special TAEX guide.


Your place is ready for digital art


Today it’s hard to imagine a home without any TVs or film screens. What you may not know is that if you already have a set of screens in your space, the proportion of artworks could be adapted to a particular screen upon request. If you already possess an up-to-date digital screen, you may have a basis to project your first digital artworks.


What we do know for sure is that it would take less effort than bringing home a new sculpture or a painting. In the case of digital art, only the resolution and proportion need to be adjusted to show artworks from your collection.


Get art collection adapted to your current mood and lifestyle


If frequent travels, multiple residency, or even a nomad lifestyle speaks to you, think about the idea that from now on your art collection will always follow you around the globe, with no shipping costs involved. Moreover, depending on your mood, time of day, or social situation you’re free to switch to a precise artwork that feels the most right to you. And when you’re out, it could be switched off, respecting the sustainability.


At last it’s not you visiting a major art vault from time to time, but your collection approaching you at any moment you need it.


Image: 6pm Eternal (Ancient and Broadly Compliant) by Massimo Magee, available for purchase on TAEX. Background:

Leave the myths behind


  • Don’t get intimidated by digital migration


You may have heard that in order to preserve digital artwork they need to be “migrated” to an up-to-date format that corresponds to current technologies. Well, it's not much more demanding than sweeping dust from a fragile sculpture or maintaining a special light and climate regime for paintings. 


Let’s be clear, one does not need an outsourced IT department in order to take care of digital art. Once you purchase it from a solid art platform, you’ll always get technical advice. Sure, digital screens do need software updates as any smartphone or computer. Nothing more, nothing less.


Among the advantages are no worries about any physical damage. Even if somehow your screen gets scratched, it will do no harm to your tokenized artwork.


  • The blockchain doesn’t bite


With digital technology, establishing the authenticity of an artwork and its provenance has never been easier, clearer, and more reliable. The information is stocked in the decentralised system that holds all the information linked to the acquisition of your artwork. The very idea of this technology is designed to protect the original artwork and its owners.


Once and for all you may not worry about someone copying anything from your collections, as it’s under solid protection.


  • Auctions, assets and museums. They would still be there


As soon as digital artwork is yours, you are in power to keep it, gift it, donate it, or bid on the major auction. Among the benefits of digital art minted on blockchain, you can obtain a clear and verifiable provenance of every item. 


Image: Everything flows, nothing dies by MAOTIK, available for purchase on TAEX. Background:


Get ready for new adventures


  • It’s your say


Being the curator of your place has never been as easy and exciting as it is with digital art. Whatever the situation or the moment is, it’s you who can easily switch from one artwork to another.


We’re glad to observe a dramatic improvement in screen devices that enhance collector experiences. It changes the entire art scene for good.


  • Take your place in the pioneering collectors’ community


Perhaps what’s the most tempting about the digital art world is the fluidity with which all community members, whether collectors, artists, or curators can exchange artworks and have a mutual influence. Thanks to digital platforms, art fairs and conferences, the latest news is accessible immediately. Innovative technologies and the way artists employ them require ongoing reflection and dialogue between all of us.


The accelerating dynamics of digital art are followed by a great responsibility of all the actors. Which is why this field simply requires to engage more passionate and extraordinary art lovers.


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