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20 June 2024

How it went: Digital Dialogues by Art Basel

Highlights from the panel talks powered by Art Basel with participation of TAEX featuring a special Krista Kim biotech installation.


How it went: Digital Dialogues by Art Basel

Nothing feels better than fetching the chairs urgently for a great number of attendees of Digital Dialogues hosted by Art Basel last week. TAEX was honoured to participate in this talk. Three people-packed panels were followed by a poetry reading by Sasha Stiles and wrapped by a cocktail reception hosted by TAEX. Our capacities and expectations were indeed exceeded.


Digital Dialogues by Art Basel

Digital Dialogues by Art Basel, Panel Discussions


The curiosity, initiative, and energy of both participants and the audience was truly intense. Introduced by Art Basel Global Head of Digital Platforms Alain Brusch and TAEX Head of Development Stefanie De Regel, the first panellists artists Cory Arcangel and Krista Kim moderated by the Editor-in-Chief of Right Click Save Alex Estorick shared their thoughts on social engagement of digital artworks and their own experiments around it.


Krista Kim, Cory Arcangel and Alex Estorick

Krista Kim, Cory Arcangel, and Alex Estorick 

Later on renowned artists Rebecca Allen and Refik Anadol moderated by the Art Basel Head of Editorial Dr Jeni Fulton discussed the impact of digital media on the art world and reported firsthand the latest insights of the avant-garde artistic production.


Refik Anadol, Rebecca Allen and Dr Jeni Fulton

Refik Anadol, Rebecca Allen, and Dr Jeni Fulton


Last but not the least Director of The House of Electronic Arts (HEK) Sabine Himmelsbach and Director of LAS Foundation Bettina Kames moderated by Shaina Silva of Digital Art Week London exchanged their thoughts on the everlasting challenge of introducing new art forms to the public.


Sabine Himmelsbach, Bettina Kames, and Shaina Silva

Sabine Himmelsbach, Bettina Kames, and Shaina Silva


The official part of the day was concluded by a poetry reading by Sasha Stiles, a poet, language artist, and AI researcher. She gave the audience a chance to witness how text and technology intertwine with one another. 


Sasha Stiles

Sasha Stiles


Finally all the participants and guests continued to exchange continued the vigorous discussion over a cocktail hosted by TAEX. The reception featured a large-scale installation Heart Space: 3256 by Krista Kim. The number reflects the quantity of heartbeats collected by artists from 3526 people. Each individual algorithm forms a collective visual symphony created with the biometric AI generative technology. Here, Krista Kim is exploring the concept of oneness and the possibility to establish profound connections between people.


Cocktail reception by TAEX

Cocktail reception by TAEX


It was rare to move theory directly to practise by contemplating the work of one of the digital art leaders in her own presence.


Please enjoy the full image archive from the event here. Note, that any reproduction of the photographs must be credited.

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