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21 June 2024

ARTnews on Basel’s First Digital Art Fair

The impact of digital art in Basel is more significant than one may think.


ARTnews on Basel’s First Digital Art Fair

“There is a need to educate, to show collectors that digital art is an interesting and rich genre,” Georg Bak, the founder of The Digital Art Mile, told ARTnews. The extensive media coverage and the positive response prove that this goal was achieved. As a participating platform, we feel the same.


Read the ARTnews article with interviews of fair artists and founders to learn more about The Digital Art Mile's significant debut.  


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Digital art as a social remedy in solving technologically-induced problems

Digital technologies make our everyday life easier in many ways. However, excessive use may bring us some struggles such as anxiety from doom scrolling, insomnia, eye strain, and a feeling of social isolation (powered by 5G). At a glance, it could seem that screens and what we see on them are the overbearing evil of today. Hence, one might rightfully question how to “recover” from technologically-induced problems? One of the answers, other than straight-up digital detox, is digital art! 

17 July 2024