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14 June 2024

The Art Newspaper on the rise of the digital in Basel

Check out the latest copy of TAN Dailies for a take on The Digital Art Mile, where TAEX presented Krista Kim


The Art Newspaper on the rise of the digital in Basel

When Art Basel rolls in, there are many things to get excited about.


One of them is undoubtedly The Art Newspaper Dailies — exclusive daily editions of the newspaper. This year, TAEX was featured both in the offline and online editions through the lens of Aimee Dawson, who pondered the question: how will Art Basel respond to a surge of digital-art initiatives in Switzerland? Find out via the link


Image: errr10 (2024) by Qubibi


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Digital art as a social remedy in solving technologically-induced problems

Digital technologies make our everyday life easier in many ways. However, excessive use may bring us some struggles such as anxiety from doom scrolling, insomnia, eye strain, and a feeling of social isolation (powered by 5G). At a glance, it could seem that screens and what we see on them are the overbearing evil of today. Hence, one might rightfully question how to “recover” from technologically-induced problems? One of the answers, other than straight-up digital detox, is digital art! 

17 July 2024