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07 June 2024

TAEX participates in Digital Dialogues by Art Basel


TAEX participates in Digital Dialogues by Art Basel

TAEX is delighted to invite you to the Digital Dialogues, a series of talks hosted by Art Basel. TAEX will participate in and curate the conversation for the occasion of a digital art show with Krista Kim.


On June 13, tune in to the thoughts and insights of the most influential people in digital art, while they ponder the questions that expand our vision for the future. The event will feature a large-scale installation Heart Space by Krista Kim.


The doors will open at 3 pm, the programme commencing at 4 pm with introductions by Alain Brusch, Global Head of Digital Platforms, Art Basel and Stefanie De Regel, Head of Development, TAEX. 


Moving to the first panel of the evening at 4.15 pm — Digital art: transforming public spaces, pixel by pixel — artists Cory Arcangel and Krista Kim will discuss the socially engaged potential of digital artworks and talk about their experiments with it. Alex Estorick, Editor in Chief of Right Click Save will guide them along the curves of discourse. 


Up next, at 4:45 pm, Dr Jeni Fulton, Head of Editorial, Art Basel will moderate a conversation on how digital media transformed the art world. Artists Rebecca Allen and Refik Anadol will dive into new forms of avant-garde artistic production.


The last Digital Dialogue of the evening will be dedicated to the question that never gets old: How to introduce new art forms to the public? From 5:15 pm, Sabine Himmelsbach, Director of The House of Electronic Arts (HEK) and Bettina Kames, Director of LAS Foundation will discuss the issue through the lens of digital media, with the help of the moderator Shaina Silva of Digital Art Week London.


To conclude the official part of the evening, renowned artist Sasha Stiles will do a poetry reading.


At 6:30 pm, the Dialogues will turn bubbly at the Speaker and VIP cocktail reception (by invitation only), followed by the Speaker dinner at 8 pm, hosted by TAEX (by invitation only). 


Digital Dialogues are open to the public! Please RSVP via the link to secure your seat.




13 June




3 pm - 6:30 pm (Including Panel Talks and Poetry Reading)

6:30 - onwards (VIP cocktail reception and Speaker Dinner)




Rheingasse 2, 4058 Basel, Switzerland


For any inquiries, please contact: 


TAEX Head of Development 

Stefanie De Regel



TAEX Client Advisor

Darja Kočerova


Press Contacts
Vlada One
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Digital art as a social remedy in solving technologically-induced problems

Digital technologies make our everyday life easier in many ways. However, excessive use may bring us some struggles such as anxiety from doom scrolling, insomnia, eye strain, and a feeling of social isolation (powered by 5G). At a glance, it could seem that screens and what we see on them are the overbearing evil of today. Hence, one might rightfully question how to “recover” from technologically-induced problems? One of the answers, other than straight-up digital detox, is digital art! 

17 July 2024