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03 June 2024

Continuum by Krista Kim is extended until October


Continuum by Krista Kim is extended until October

TAEX is excited to announce that the Continuum project at Outernet by Krista Kim has been extended until October 2024. Check the screening schedule to see it at Outernet London. The screenings were originally presented by TAEX at London Digital Art Week.


Continuum, a digital Zen garden created by Krista Kim in the heart of London will stay in Outernet—the largest digital exhibition space in Europe—until the beginning of October. “We’re always on our digital devices, we’re bombarded by information and we’re relentlessly distracted. So I wanted to create a place where people can actually breathe,” admitted Krista in her interview with Katy Wickremesinghe, the founder of The Wick Culture.


Conceived in 2018, Continuum was shown at Times Square NYC and at the World Economic Forum. At the end of April 2024 TAEX proudly presented this fundamental project by Krista Kim to Londoners in the framework of Digital Art Week. Due to the vivid response of the audience the project was extended for four months and will be accessible at the same venue, the Outernet London.


Inspired by Japanese Buddhist Zen gardens Krista Kim invites us to take a moment for a personal reflection in the era of massive and infinite social media interactions. As a prominent digital artist she has redirected the tools that normally make us ingest huge volumes of information and may cause anxiety towards providing a space for self-awareness and meditativeness.


By placing Continuum inside a busy megapolis Kim inserts her digital Zen garden in the London urban landscape. Krista is not only offering each and everyone to decompress from the stresses of everyday life using an up-to-date digital language, but proposes to accept it as a part of a new and more mindful routine of contemporary humans. TAEX is very pleased to present this opportunity to Londoners and to remind you that one of 10 unique NFTs from the Continuum project may join your collection.


Check out the interview with Krista Kim in the special edition Culturally Curious Hop by The Wick Culture.


Photograph courtesy of Digital Art Week.


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