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30 April 2024

How it went. Multimodality: The Audiovisual Avant-garde

Exhibition and performance by Massimo Magee at London Digital Art Week


How it went. Multimodality: The Audiovisual Avant-garde

TAEX had joined an intense programme of London Digital Art Week by presenting a one-day exhibition Multimodality: The Audiovisual Avant-garde by Massimo Magee, curated by Aurora Garrison. We were delighted to see our fellow partners and collectors at Cromwell Place in the heart of London and present digital art in all its polyphony. The show featured the installation 3 Colours in 3 Modes including six digital and three physical artworks by Magee. The digital pieces were generously powered by Muse Frames.


The Audiovisual Digital Abstraction Collection was conceived as sound polyptych, where each of the pieces having its own length intertwine with another. The developed sonic conversation evolved over time, changing the image of the exhibition. Together with static colours they shape, as Magee says, a Superformula.



Since TAEX takes the notion of multimodality very seriously, the show included a first-time music performance composed by Magee. The piece coincides with the Superformula harmonic framework and is called Quartet Derivation. A repetitive music performance by world-renowned contemporary classical music ensemble Apartment House with Massimo Magee’s solo on alto saxophone fused the changing electronic backdrop of the audiovisual installation allowed our guests to expand aspects of their perception.


Accompanied by live-performed music, TAEX guests were invited to embrace various aspects of Magee's work united by his signature concept. Even the score of that music piece written by Magee for a string quartered was written with digital tools, including glitching and MIDI degradation.



Audiovisual Digital Abstraction consists of 23 uniquie NFTs that are already available on TAEX.


Massimo Magee is an artist, writer, and musician focused on challenging traditional perceptions and representations by interweaving sound and visuals in digital art. In 2017 Magee authored Manifesto (New Unities), a seminal call to action passionately advocating for a radical new approach to creating and consuming art. 


We greatly appreciate London Digital Art Week for featuring our exhibition in the official programme. We’d like to thank our partner Muse Frame for the opportunity to exhibit Massimo Magee’s digital artworks in the highest quality and to demonstrate how digital art could be shown in a flawless way.


Digital Art Week centres on bringing digital experiences to life in exciting spaces and iconic locations. Powered by NextGen technologies, they bring brand storytelling to life through experiential digital arts.


Muse Frame was founded in 2021 by a group of art collectors, artists, and friends who all craved a simple, yet extraordinary way to display their digital art collection in their homes. They developed projects in gaming, tech, and consumer electronics.

Please enjoy the full image archive from the event here. Note, that any reproduction of the photographs must be credited.

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