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15 April 2024

Multimodality: The Audiovisual Avant-garde

Music event and exhibition by Massimo Magee and TAEX at London Digital Art Week


Multimodality: The Audiovisual Avant-garde

TAEX cordially invites you to an exhibition and special event at London Digital Art Week celebrating the work of artist and musician Massimo Magee on the 24 April 2024.


Staged at Cromwell Place in London, the exhibition is centred around the installation 3 Colours in 3 Modes, a group of three pieces from Audiovisual Digital Abstraction Collection by Massimo Magee, alongside 6 digital art pieces curated by Aurora Garrison, which are designed to sound together, live in the room. Each of the pieces, in its audio reading, has a slightly different length, which over time alters and evolves the sonic image of the exhibition. The pieces are shaped from audiovisual data, creating an immersive world of static colours and shifting electronic tones, all within a unique harmonic framework referred to as the Superformula. The visual reading of each piece is presented on aluminium.


The event will feature a first-time live performance of a composition for string quartet by Massimo Magee, also derived from the Superformula harmonic framework, called Quartet Derivation, which will be performed several times throughout the evening, against the changing electronic backdrop of the audiovisual installation. 


Quartet Derivation is a contemporary classical piece—written to accompany 3 Colours in 3 Modes as part of a larger, ongoing electroacoustic project—that combines an avant-garde approach with unexpectedly Romantic-era undertones. Although it is an acoustic, classically-notated work for a string quartet, it was created using very digital techniques such as glitching and MIDI degradation, making for an intriguing contrast of the traditional and the cutting-edge. 


The piece will be performed by the world-renowned contemporary classical music ensemble Apartment House, which has been performing vital new music from revered contemporary classical composers for nearly 30 years. Massimo will also perform live on the alto saxophone.


Massimo Magee is an artist, writer, and musician. He creates avant-garde digital art that challenges traditional perceptions and representations by interweaving sound and visuals into a single file. Magee authored Manifesto (New Unities) in 2017 —a seminal call to action passionately advocating for a radical new approach to creating and consuming art. Magee’s call to action embodies his oeuvre's innovative spirit and relentless experimentation. 


Moreover, Magee's work as a recording artist on the esteemed New York label 577 Records has garnered him a dedicated following within the experimental music community. Massimo Magee is based in London, UK.



The event commences at 4 pm, open for general admission till 6pm, followed by 3 15-minute performances from 7 pm till 10 pm.




April 24, 2024 at 5 Cromwell Place, London, SW7 2JE


Ticket reservation via Eventbrite is required. 


For more information and press inquiries contact:

TAEX Head of Development Stefanie De Regel


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