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16 October 2023

TAEX at Digital Art Fair Asia in Hong Kong

Through the Looking Glass exhibition opened at the K11 Art & Cultural Centre


TAEX at Digital Art Fair Asia in Hong Kong

TAEX is delighted to present an exhibition Through the Looking Glass featuring Andrea Bonaceto, MAOTIK, and Funa Ye curated by Caterina Licitra, Kim Randall-Stevens, and Dasha Shkel.


The booth shows a true convergence of AI and artistic creation, where machine intelligence collaborates with human ingenuity to push the limits of what is possible. Through the use of computer-generated algorithms, artists have crafted immersive environments that transport us into alternate realities akin to stepping through the proverbial looking glass.


On-chain artwork by Italian artist Andrea Bonaceto is followed by three off-chain pieces People, Masks, Outside my window, and Self-portrait #1—fruits of artist’s reflection on visual art, poetry, and technology. Andrea has showcased his artworks across the globe, and high-profile auction houses such as Christie’s and Phillips have featured and sold his pieces.


Neo-Mastr Portraits by Funa Ye, based in London and Beijing, continues her drop previously published on TAEX. By using GAN technology, Ye delves into the multifaceted identity, culture, and aesthetics of modern China through AI-driven artistic representation. Neo-Mastr series analyses the portraits of Chinese ethnic minorities and the selfies of Smart — a well-known subculture in China that has a very distinct sense of identity — to create avatars for the Smart community.


MATERIA by French digital artist MAOTIK (Mathieu Le Sourd) project explores the different transformations of matter, embodying each process in a living, dynamic work of art. Generative visuals and sound design are synchronised to express the passage of one state to another, a continuous metamorphosis. The experience goes through the four fundamental states of matter — solid, liquid, gas, and plasma, transforming our perception of space. ‘Materia’ lies at the intersection of art, science, and technology, reflecting on the eternal and the natural.


Apart from the booth in the Prestige Zone of DAFA 2023, TAEX took part in the Inspire Series at the Digital Art Fair Asia 2023 Asia Edition with a panel talk by Andrea Bonaceto in conversation and TAEX's Head of Development Stefanie De Regel. Bonaceto shared his insights about crypto art perspectives with a traditional art approach, the milestones of his artistic journey, and creative inspirations.





19 - 23 Oct 2023



Prestige Zone

K11 Art & Cultural Centre, K11 MUSEA




Private Opening


12:00-22:00 pm


VIP Days

20-21 Oct, 2023

11:00-21:00 pm


Public Days

22-23 Oct, 2023

11:00-21:00 pm


For any inquiries please contact TAEX Head of Development Stefanie De Regel



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