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Kirill Makarov & Ksenia Kononenko

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About the Artist

"Kirill Makarov is an artist exploring relationships between humans, visual reflections and the machines which produce them. He works with painting, computer graphics, and video art. Kirill graduated from the Saint Petersburg Stieglitz State Academy of Art and Design. He was a recipient of the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art grant for contemporary artists in 2012-2013. Kirill took part in multiple art residencies, including Vyksa AiR 2019 and Garage Studios Artist Residency in 2019. He participated in a number of exhibitions, such as No Time (2015), Orgy of Objects (2017, 7th Moscow International Biennale of Contemporary Art parallel programme), After Us (Ekaterinburg, 2019), and the 1st Garage Triennial of Russian Contemporary Art (Moscow, 2017). Ksenia Kononenko is a psychoanalyst, a poet, and a member of the New Lacanian School (NLS). She is a frequent participant of events and ateliers dedicated to psychoanalysis in Moscow and Saint Petersburg as an educator in the sphere of Lacanian psychoanalysis. Together Kirill and Ksenia had an exhibition 13.690353, 18.834137, 1638391.625000 in 2019."

Kirill Makarov & Ksenia KononenkoKirill Makarov & Ksenia Kononenko
Curatorial Statement

The project is a series of three objects. Each object is a space inhabited by the visual objects that were created by the artist Kirill Makarov for the writings of the poet and psychoanalyst Ksenia Kononenko (project “In the Salty Sand, the Sun Has a Musky Smell”). Every space is formed like a utopian space for hybrid objects and shapes and contains contains a poem, which was written purposefully for the project (different visual invariants could be found: the form of a classical poetic line, slogan or a freestanding monumental object). Each type of expression has its own visual solution.

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