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Dr Antonio Geusa

Antonio Geusa is a professional curator and a renowned researcher of art and technologies based in Italy. He collaborates with TAEX as a Curator.
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Dr Antonio Geusa is a curator, educator, writer, and researcher of contemporary art history. His field of expertise is art made with new technologies, however he has also helped bring to life projects made with traditional means of artistic expression. In his own words, “A work of art does not exhaust itself in the medium an artist chooses.” Dr Geusa was the initiator and curator of notable video art festivals, including Echoes of Eco (since 2011) and Art Digital (2005-2010). He also co-curated the Techne digital art platform (2016-2020). Antonio is particularly known for his study on the history of Russian video art. In 2022, he joined TAEX as a Curator.

 Dr Antonio Geusa