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Dr Margarita Kuleva

Margarita Kuleva is a sociologist of culture, artist, and curator based in New York. She is a postdoctoral researcher at the NYU Jordan Centre and collaborates with TAEX as a Senior Curator.
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Dr. Margarita Kuleva is a researcher, curator, and artist. In her work Margarita explores social inequalities in culture and technology, employing ethnography and performance as her primary research methods. Notably, her PhD research was focused on bringing visibility to the often-invisible workers of cultural institutions. Margarita has worked with a number of esteemed cultural institutions, including the Manifesta Biennale, Boston Center for the Arts, Goethe Institute, and Street Art Museum. In 2022, she joined TAEX as a Senior Curator. Currently, Margarita is a postdoctoral researcher at the NYU Jordan Centre.

Dr Margarita Kuleva