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Natalia Fedorova

Natalia Fedorova is an artist, curator, researcher, and educator in the field of contemporary art and literature. Her work is centred around mediation between the languages of humans, technology, and ecosystems. Natalia’s latest artistic pieces can be classified as interspecies communicators. She is currently working with philosopher Pierre Cassou-Noguès on an installation Room for René Descartes, which presents VR technology as an “evil genius” that creates multiple distortions. Natalia holds a PhD in literary theory from Herzen State University (St-Petersburg). She has won a Fulbright scholarship to do her first year of Postdoc the Trope Tank at MIT. For the last ten years Natalia has been teaching at the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences at Bard College (Upstate New York) and at the Art&Science program of ITMO University (Moscow). Currently Natalia is a guest researcher at the Laboratory for the Logics of Contemporary Philosophy at the Paris 8 University, supported by PAUSE. She is also teaching two courses in Smolny Beyond Borders and is working on an art project as a TSI (Threatened Scholar Initiative) at LUMA Foundation (Arles, France). Natalia co-founded the media-poetry group Machine Libertine (Natalia Fedorova/Taras Mashtalir). Her audio and video poems appeared in TextSound, Rattapallax, LIT magazine, and Ill-Tempered Rubyist, räume für notizen | rooms for notes as well as number of international festivals and biennales, such as ISEA 2016, ELO 2015, 6th Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art, Manifesta 10, Krasnoyarsk Book Culture Fair, REVERSE, Moscow Book Festival, E-Poetry, LUMEN EX, Interrupt II, VideoBardo, Liberated Words, Tarp. Natalia lives and works in Paris.

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