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NFT Platform

Contemporary art that will stay

TAEX is an interdisciplinary platform for artists, curators, and collectors to analyse, discuss, create, showcase, and sell crypto art. By bringing in experts from various fields of knowledge — from Sociology and Anthropology to Architecture and Art History — we make room for a brand new art community. One with a solid foundation of experience and a critical approach in mind.


Our platform breaks with convention of crypto art by presenting internationally-recognised institutional artists fuelled by bold curatorial vision. TAEX aims to strengthen the relationship between the worlds of art and blockchain by providing a knowledge base and analytical support for artists and collectors alike. We believe that a comprehensive online platform that is easy to use will help create, approach and enjoy NFTs that are worth seeing and having in your collection.

Behind the scenes

TAEX gathered experienced professionals to make anyone’s journey towards NFT pleasant and productive, regardless of their background. TAEX international divisions consist of Curatorial, PR, Marketing, IT and Legal teams that follow all processes — from creating to collecting crypto art.


Muse Frame

Drop Flow


Curator and artist elaborate the conceptual framework for a new NFT drop.


TAEX provides a full-cycle production of an NFT drop, including its technical and legal support and distribution.


Legal team proposes a smart contract, customised for the exact artwork and its specifications.


The artist collaborates with our Marketing team: gives interviews, takes part in a social media campaign, speaks at offline presentations.


New drop is ready-to-go! It gets published on TAEX and is available on the market.


TAEX team prepares the distribution plan of the drop. We have a variety of mechanics available: single drops, multiple editions, auctions.


Sale takes place: a collector chooses the tokens they prefer and makes a purchase with their crypto wallet. TAEX commission is charged automatically only in the case of the sale.

What is special about TAEX?


TAEX is a curator-driven platform. We discover new names, explore relevant and exciting contexts, and constantly analyse the market. We’re taking responsibility for the art we showcase — each piece on TAEX undergoes a thorough curator evaluation.


Our platform has established connections with offline institutions such as Christie's Education and Art Basel, which helps us to attract more professionals, stay on the radar, and be critically acclaimed.


We find it important not only to show and sell NFT drops but to contextualise them within the history of digital and contemporary art. We see research, theory, education, and analysis as an integral part of any art process. NFT is not an exception. TAEX undertakes the labour of explaining, contextualising, and making artworks visible.


TAEX is both artist- and curator-friendly. Our international team is taking NFT out of its crypto bubble — we identify and expand NFT’s cultural, economic, and political potential.


You can trust our processes to be easy, clear, and transparent. We don’t charge unnecessary or unfair fees. We are not enforcers or managers, but co-creators and collaborators you can enjoy the fruits of contemporary art with.

List of TAEX presentations

Metaverse Art Week 2022 | August 24-28

Tezos x Paris by Art Basel, 2022 | October 21

Web Summit, Lisbon, 2022 | 1-4 November

Fuelarts, New York, 2022 | November 24

NYU x TAEX Symposium, 2023 | Autumn

Featured Press

Digital art as a social remedy in solving technologically-induced problems

Digital technologies make our everyday life easier in many ways. However, excessive use may bring us some struggles such as anxiety from doom scrolling, insomnia, eye strain, and a feeling of social isolation (powered by 5G). At a glance, it could seem that screens and what we see on them are the overbearing evil of today. Hence, one might rightfully question how to “recover” from technologically-induced problems? One of the answers, other than straight-up digital detox, is digital art! 

17 July 2024